Sunday, February 22, 2009

5 Things to do this Spring in Wrightstown, PA

Do you feel it?  Spring is coming.  Oh, sure, it's pretty far off, but we've been spoiled by some pretty warm days lately, and I'm getting antsy for Spring.

Here are 5 things to do this Spring in Wrightstown, PA.  Mark your calendars!

114_10111. Tour the Hortulus Farm and Nursery. 

Looks like Renny Reynolds and Jack Staub have taken back over the operation of the farm and nursery for the 2009 Season.  You can book a tour of 8, or they are now offering open tours every Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. during the gardening season.  Starts April 15, 2009!

114_0987  2. Sign the kids up for Tri-Township Baseball League. 

Last day to sign up is March 13th, and the season starts on April 18th.  Games are held at the Grange Fair Grounds on Penns Park Road. Baseball isn't my sport (I'm more of a soccer kind of girl), but this is a great league to be a part of.

3. Take the kids to Wrightstown Elementary School's Spring Fair.

I don't know how these Parents and Teachers organize something so...well...involved and wonderful for the kids, but this thing kicks some serious butt.  If you have a child starting Kindergarten at Wrightstown Elementary School next year (and if so, sign-ups are now), definitely try to make it.  It will give your son/daughter a look at the school, and you'll get a feel for the wonderful community fostered at the school. It's scheduled for March 28th from 10-2.

4.  Sign up to be a member of Anchor Run CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

Fresh, organic vegetables for six months out of the year.  You pay for a farm-share and then commit to either 4 hours (half share) or 8 hours (full share) over the course of the growing season.  I hear wonderful, wonderful things about not only the delicious produce, but the community feel of the co-op.  ***Ooops, looks like you missed this one.  They are no longer accepting applications for 2009 Membership.  I'm leaving it in, because you should put it on your list for next year!  Get there early.***

114_0978 5.  Used Book Sale at Wrightstown Village Library.

This is probably THE most adorable library you'll ever go to.   This little library packs a big punch with the number of programs it offers.  While you're helping fund the library and scoring some cheap books, get a summer schedule and gear up for "Movies by Moonlight" - movies shown outside on the side of the library, while you relax on the lawn.  AWESOME! The used book sale is scheduled for May 2nd (9-5) and 3rd (1-5).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Help! My Listing Expired and I'm Never Gonna Sell This Place!

rba1_00 Cute clip-art aside, I know that having your home listing expire without a sale isn't funny or cute: it's scary and disheartening.

I ran a list of expired listings in Bucks County, and boy...there are quite a few. I'm certainly seeing an increase in expired listings, so you are not alone.

You may be panicked at the thought that you will never sell your home. You may feel as if it's a lost cause, or that it'll "never happen."

So, what do you do if your listing has expired?

  • Decide whether you want to re-list with your current REALTOR (R). Were you happy with his/her service, marketing, communication, etc? Do you think he's done all he can to sell your home? Contrary to the knee-jerk reaction to find a fall-guy for the lack of a sale, your REALTOR might not be to blame. However, if you think that it's time for a change of REALTOR, you'll have plenty to choose from when they inundate you with mailings :) (Disclaimer: you might see some mail from me. Check it out and give me a call!)

  • Start from scratch with a new CMA. Often, when a house is on the market, you live in a fishbowl of your direct price range. Pricing may have changed while you've been on the market, and you'll want to take another look at what's actually SOLD while you've been on the market, and the NET sold price.

  • Take all the negative feedback that you've received and handle anything that reared it's ugly head. If someone mentioned the Spongebob mural in the kid's room, paint it. If someone mentioned the carpets were stained, clean them. This is your chance to address all the issues that cropped up and start fresh. View those past Buyer's as your own personal "Problem Finders." If one person mentioned it, you can be sure that others noticed, just didn't remark on it.

Take a step back and a deep breath; then evaluate your situation with a clear mind. Then, take the next steps forward to move on...interview another REALTOR (Me! Pick Me!) do another CMA and make a pricing adjustment - fix the problem and get your home back on the market.

Above all, remember that homes are selling every day in Bucks County. Your home WILL sell.