Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Inspection Series - #4 The Water Inspection

This inspection is usually done when there is a well located on the property. You will have a water testing company come out, take a sample of your water, and test that water for potability. They'll test your water for all the nasties that may be there - choloform, bacteria, and other gross stuff. The water testing will indicate if these factors fall within safe drinking guidelines.

If the water tests come back with high levels of one or the other (or all), there are many different treatment systems available. UV light, shocking the well, filtration - there are many different ways to treat the water, and there are specialist who can devise the best route of attack for you.

Ok, so I feel like the inspection series is getting a bit dry (and boring), but stay tuned folks...

Next, we're talking about

duh, duh, duh....

Septic Systems!
You certainly don't want to miss THAT discussion! I have the unenviable title of "Septic Queen" since I've had many of my personal purchases fall through during the septic inspection. I know more about poo than any suburban girl should know, and I'm going to share the wealth of knowledge with you next time.
Stay tuned for the poo talk - it's an important one.

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glassgirl said...

I'm "looking forward" to the septic talk. Especially since our possible home doesn't have one! Yahoo! Bring on the Poo talk!