Friday, May 8, 2009

Moi? You Want Advice from ME?

I've been working with Jennifer Allan for about a year now. She's a wonderfully cool Real Estate Agent/Trainer/Speaker who speaks out about all those icky sales tactics REALTORS are encouraged to use. I like to call it the "Hungry Realtor" syndrome - you know that "I've got you now, and I'm going to call, email, and drive by your house until I get my commission! I'm the best! Hire meeeeeee!"

I've participated in a few of her training programs, and have met some wonderful REALTORS who have similar business philosophies.

I presented at my first webinar last year, which was tremendously nerve wracking, but fed that little ego that I have :) For some reason, Jennifer thinks I've got my stuff together, and I'll be part of a panel discussion "Realtor Moms - How DO you do it?" I know the other women participating, and it should be a really great discussion with some really smart ladies.

So, if you're a REALTOR Mom, I really encourage you to sign up and listen, and check out Jennifer's site and forum for fantastic advice on how to run your business without losing your self-respect.

See you there!

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