Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Five Reasons why 507 River Road is the Ultimate Weekend Home in Bucks County

Springtime in Bucks County usually brings forth the New York and Philadelphia Buyers who are looking to purchase a weekend or vacation home in one of our scenic River Towns in Upper Bucks. Lucky for me, I have one of the most adorable homes for sale at 507 River Road. This quintessential Bucks County Bungalow would make a wonderful vacation/weekend home for many reasons, but here are my top five reasons this is the ultimate vacation home:

1. Proximity! Located just an hour away from Center City Philadelphia, or an hour and a half from New York, you won't waste your time travelling to your weekend home, you'll spend it enjoying it.

2. Scenic Location! This home is located on one of the most famous, scenic roads in Bucks County, but more than that, it's unique hilltop location is the perfect setting in which to spend your downtime in your weekend getaway. Far from the McMansions the pervade our suburbs, this historic cottage offers you something different.

3. Things to Do! In a short drive, you can enjoy shopping, dining and nightclubs in New Hope, taste local wines, tube on the Delaware, or explore Ringing Rocks Park. Head into Lumberville, and eat at the fabulous Black Bass Hotel, or explore Frenchtown, NJ. While there is much to do just a short distance away, this home is located outside the hustle and bustle of town; a perfect combination of solitude without isolation.

4. Low-Maintenance and Low-Carrying Costs! The gorgeous, naturalistic property offers plenty of outdoor living and entertaining space with absolutely no lawn to maintain. Inside, the kitchen and bath have both recently been renovated with energy efficient fixtures and appliances. The home is being sold fully furnished with wonderful, heirloom, eclectic pieces. In the winter there is a fireplace for warmth, and in the summer there is a wooded lot for cooling, making energy bills extremely reasonable. Taxes are only around $185/month!

5. Because of the charm! Honestly, it's the intangible that is the biggest draw to this home. It is so utterly charming and unique: the home, the location, the area itself...I recently took a walk along the canal, and there is just a different feeling to River Living in Bucks County. It truly is a local "vacation." You must visit it to truly appreciate how special this home is.

Oh, and the Seller is offering two new Simmons Natural Care by Danny Seo mattresses, so you'll never have to worry about "Who's been sleeping in my bed?" JACKPOT!

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pjeary said...

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