Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Isaac Newton's - Newtown PA's Favorite Place to Eat, Drink, and talk Beer

The other day, I met a few friends from grade school for lunch in Newtown. (By the way, how magical is Facebook for re-connecting?  You can find me on there right here).  We went back and forth about where to meet, but when one mentioned that she may want to have an...ahem..."adult" beverage, there was only one place to go.



Isaac Newton's

18 South State Street

Newtown, PA



I got there a little early and sat at the bar to hang out until my girls came.  Everyone is super-friendly and I got to talking with the bartender, Tim Gannon.1266598101063   We figured out that we used to work together in high school, so if you're local, you might know him.  Tim is wicked-smart about beer, and was able to figure out what I would like, even though I have no idea of what kind of beer I drink (blinks vacantly).  I heard Tim have a whole discussion with another customer about hops, wheat, something-else-that-I-have-no-idea-about.  Smart dude.  He works M-F starting at 11:30.

Check out their on-tap beer list (which is constantly changing):


(You can't see it, but the top right hand beer is Heavy Sea's Holy Sheet Belgian Ale.  Hysterical.)

On top of the beer and mixed drinks, Isaac Newton's has amazing food, and their french fries with what I call "that delicious dipping sauce" are a must.  My husband and I come here with the kids sometimes for dinner, and they do a really nice job with families - huge booths upstairs, fast service so the kids don't lose it, and great kid's meals. 

So, with good food, a great beer selection, and knowledgeable staff, you can imagine Isaac Newton's is a pretty popular place.  If you're in Newtown for the day, or looking for a place to meet up after work or for a casual date, it's a definite "must-try."  I'm not the only one who thinks so...Isaac Newton's was just named the 9th best beer bar nationwide by www.ratebeer.com

If Tim's there when you go, tell him I said "Hi," and make sure you get the fries!


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Hi Heather,

That place is great. I go there every once in awhile and their food/drinks/service are always top notch. Plus, you can go to Starbucks around the corner for a cup of coffee.

Great post!

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