Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Joyful Buying and Selling...It's still out there

I've begun working with new clients, and they are a complete joy to work with. Why? 'Cause they're so darn SMART!

Here's a few things that they're doing that are going to pay off for them...big time:
  • They've decided to sell their home first, then buy. They'll know exactly how much money they have to work with. More than that, they won't have that excruciating stress of selling their home under the gun because they are making two mortgage payments. They can get the right price for their home, rather than having a fire sale to stop the bleeding.

  • They're educating themselves on the market before they begin the process. When they sell their home, they'll know exactly where they want to look, and exactly what price range. They'll be serious, committed, EDUCATED buyers who know the price/condition/market and are ready to see a home and make an offer.

  • They're just so rational, realistic, and excited about the process.

On top of this, they're a blast to shop with and talk to. They also have a cute baby, and she smiles at me a lot because I'm her favorite ;)

The market is filled with these people. We're so used to hearing about desperation and foreclosures and "Seller says make an offer!" that we forget that there are people out there who are joyfully selling and buying. And when we work with them, well, it's a joyful relationship all around.

Thanks for reminding me of that Brian and Dana!

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