Thursday, April 17, 2008

Relishing the Spring Weather

It's gorgeous out today. I'm blogging from a back patio that I haven't seen since about September, and listening to the happy sounds of mowers and weed wackers. Spring yard cleanup may be the only time I look forward to manual labor. (I don't shirk it, but let's just say it ain't exactly my deal either!) I wanted to share with my readers this great find:

Hortulus Farm Nursery & Gardens

I am deeply ashamed to admit that, while I can walk to this hidden treasure, I've never taken a tour of the gardens. I need to. I have no idea how to garden in my soil.

I've moved one tree to three different locations in my yard because it always "looks stupid" a year or two after the move.

I once planted 200 tulip bulbs (while 7 months pregnant!) only to have them be clear cut by a herd of deer.

I had large flower gardens that required the equivalent of one year's college tuition spent in annuals.

We've gone with the dirt and weed landscaping since our rehab ripped up the front of our yard. Although I'm leaning towards hiring a company to landscape, there's that inner artist (ego-ist) in me that thinks I can do it on my own. I want a naturalistic look, with ferns and perennials that look more beautiful as they age.

Maybe I can actually swing it with a tour of the Hortulus Farm under my belt.