Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where are all these smart people coming from?

I just had the absolute pleasure of meeting with my friend Lindsay about selling her home. Again, I'm so pleased with how darn SMART she is! How am I meeting all these smart Buyers and Sellers? I love it!

Here are some of the things she's doing that are going to pay off for her:

  • She spent 13 hours painting her pretty crimson red room a soft neutral color. Backbreaking, thankless work that will pay off (Promise Lindsay!)

  • She's replacing some windows that won't stay open (they'll only come up on the home inspection anyway, and it's a good pre-emptive strike against inspection issues).

  • She's repainting her ceilings and has banished all smokers outside.

  • She's cleaning out and cleaning up, and when her house goes on the market, it's going to be ready to go!

I can't wait to show her house - it's going to knock Buyer's socks off.

Want some more tips on how to prepare your house for sale? Shoot me an email, and I'll be happy to give you all my secrets!

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