Monday, August 11, 2008

Real Estate Market Statistics for Bucks County 1/2008 through 7/2008

SBU_062C Below are the Residential Real Estate market statistics for Bucks County, through July of this year. This information was pulled from Trend, our local Multiple Listing Service and is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

DateUnits ListedUnits PendingUnits Sold
July 20081022434565
June 20081136564607
May 20081252558499
April 20081303583469
March 20081190484422
Feb 20081012471349
Jan 20081176425325

You'll notice the increase in listings and sold units in April, May, and June. Some of this may be attributed to our seasonal market trends, but overall the statistics indicate a healthy, stable market.

For Sellers, the statistics show a growth in sold inventory, as a percentage of the available inventory. For example, in January the sold units only represented 30% of the inventory on the market. In July, they represented 55% of the inventory on the market.

Want more information on how the market statistics for your area? I can break these down for any township/municipality in Bucks, so shoot me an email and I'll be happy to send them along to you!

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