Monday, September 8, 2008

Bucks County Buying Season? You bet. Get Serious Now!

46311_tns Here in Bucks County, we do have a Selling "Season."  Take a look at the table below, and you'll find that May, June, July, and August are our strongest months, while November, December, January, and February are our slowest months.  Remember that these are sold properties, and that the properties actually went under agreement prior to the sale date (most likely 30-60 days prior).  So, following this, our heavy selling season ramps up in March/April and peters out again in September/October.

What does this mean if you have your house on the market right now?  It means get real, get aggressive, and get sold!  Now is not the time to be testing the market or clinging to a certain price point.  It's the time to attack the market aggressively before we lose more Buyers to holidays, bad weather, and the general "settling in" of winter time. 

What if you don't have to sell your home right now?  You might want leaves to think about taking it off the market for the winter months, making any repairs that came up as concerns to Buyers who looked at your home, and re-list in the Spring with a fresh perspective. 

Numbers don't lie, and there are fewer properties sold in the winter months.  Good pricing, marketing, and easy showings can give you a fighting chance at grabbing those Buyers who are still looking during this time.

Residential Sales per Month in Bucks County*

  2008 2007 2006
January 325 405 463
February 349 442 396
March 422 573 543
April 469 530 557
May 500 659 753
June 608 820 880
July 580 736 704
August 584 756 752
September   525 558
October   507 554
November   514 542
December   404 512

*Information from TREND, our local Multiple Listing Service. Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

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