Monday, July 20, 2009

6 Things I Promise to Do for Sellers and Buyers in Bucks County

I'm being bombarded by a general lack of professionalism, not just in Real Estate, but in life in general.  So, in a bit of a rant, here are

Six Things I Promise to Do for Sellers and Buyers in Bucks County!

phone_tnb1.  I'll call you back. I'll email you back.  Promptly.

2.  When I tell you I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it.  If, for some reason, it doesn't get done, I'll let you know beforehand why it wasn't and when it will be.

3.  I'm going to keep you updated on your status.  If you've listed your home with me, I'm going to automate reports that give you feedback and website stats.  I'm going to call you and let you know how your open house went.  If you're buying a home with me, I'm going to call and let you know where we are in the offer process, the negotiation process, and the settlement process.

camera_tnb 4.  I'm going to take good pictures of your home.  Not only am I going to take good pictures of your home, but I'm going to hire a professional photographer / virtual tour provider to take good pictures of your home.  No pictures with me in the mirror, or trashcans at the driveway, or dishes in the sink.  I promise your home will NEVER appear on

5.  I'm going to conduct myself as an adult at all times.  Even when I'm mad.  I'm going to remain courteous.  I'm not going to curse, yell, or employ excessive snottiness with you, a cooperating agent, a mortgage lender, or a repairman.  No matter how irritated, angry, or even enraged I am. 

pc_love_tns 6.  I'm computer literate.  That means that not only will I employ the latest online tools to promote your home, but I also know how to do things like:  scan and email documents and put the right people on copy of emails.  I also know how and when to use "reply" vs. "reply all." 

There it is.  My promise of Professionalism. 

Give me a call if these sound like qualities you expect from a REALTOR while you search for homes in Bucks County!

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