Saturday, January 10, 2009

AGAIN with the no electricity...

See this? This is a picture of Brian, Dana, and I trying to look at a house in the absolute PITCH DARK.

Apparently, light itself has become a novelty for not only bank owned properties, but also for pre-foreclosure properties.

I understand that people are losing their homes and all kinds of horrible things are happening to Sellers. I'm sure our ability to see their home, that they are losing, isn't really high up on their list of priorities. I also understand that they honestly may not be able to afford to keep electricity on at the property.

All I ask if for the common courtesy of a heads up when I make the appointment. A simple, "Daylight showings only" in the agent comments will suffice. There's no reason for me to show up at a house where we have to use the lights from our cell phones to navigate the stairs, lockbox, and house itself. It's a complete and utter waste of everyone's time, and quite honestly, pretty ridiculous.

Sure, it's good for a laugh, since hilarity always ensues, but it's not so great for selling a home.

If you're a listing agent with a home like this, please have some common courtesy for your fellow agents, and for our clients. It's a silly situation all around. It's dangerous for people who are looking, and makes our industry as a whole look bad.

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