Friday, January 9, 2009

Bucks County Real Estate Market Heats Up

Bucks County Buyers are coming out of hibernation, and they're motivated and looking for the deals.

Ok, this is purely a non-scientific observation. In the past week, my personal client base has blossomed. I'm now working with three serious Buyers who weren't looking last week. I feel energized, and excited, and I'm thrilled to be on the hunt again.

The New Year brings about more than resolutions, starvation diets, and gym memberships. The holidays are over, people are doing their taxes, examining what they want for the coming year, and are motivated to make changes in their lives. On top of this, the lure of low interest rates, tax refunds, lower prices, and more inventory only sweetens the deal for Buyers in this marketplace.

I've always used Superbowl Sunday (Go Iggles! :) as my personal benchmark for when our selling season starts to heat up. It's when I feel the energy of the market pick up, and usually see an increase in my business. I was concerned that this year might be different.

It doesn't look like it. Although 2008 was a difficult year for many, it was my second best year in the business. Early indicators look like 2009 may follow suit.

There is value in this marketplace, and Buyers are looking to take advantage of that.

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